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We managed to spend multiple five figures within 30 days and very profitable. Working with AdTok was very valuable, they have all the insights into the platforms and creatives

Tung Gründer - Founder

We spent with them a little over $300k and returned a little over $2 million dollars from their campaigns, so the ROI has been huge. I would definitely recommend working with them they’ve been great and easy to work with

Ryan Carroll - CEO

Wealth Assistants
Working with Adtok has been a game-changer for our advertising efforts. Their exceptional creativity and punctuality in delivering ad creatives enabled us to maximise our investments on Meta. Their weekly infusion of fresh, innovative ideas consistently propelled our marketing spend further. I don’t think an agency exists that can match the meticulous content planning processes Adtok follow to bring in the results they do, that’s why we choose them.

Founder & CEO

Working with the AdTok team was really great. They are extremely organized and data driven which makes the creatives testing process a scientific one rather than a shot in the dark. In 2024 the only way to scale digital performance is with better creative and this team really knows what they are doing. Sufian has also been really responsive and a great thought partner when it comes to trying out different hooks. Appreciate you guys!!

Nish - Founder
AdTok did a wonderful job of sourcing creators, getting the content we needed and running the campaigns for us. And they did really well on our Facebook & Instagram campaigns and allowed us to have some great revenue months

Danny Bohnen - CEO

Legendary Wall Art
We’ re extremely satisfied with AdTok, and if you’re on the fence of which agency to choose, definitely try them out. I guarantee it will be the best decision you make

Jose Renteria - CMO

From day one, onboarding I knew this team would be a huge stepping stone in my brand's success, they take every aspect of their job as if it were their own company, are always innovating, iterating and getting you better content month on month. Consistent quality month over month, I've recommended them to colleagues and will continue to

Gianluca - Founder
I've been working with AdTok on both of our internal brands, as well as on several clients together. And the results are always the same they produce creatives which allow me to scale the ad account.  From creators, to scripting to editing - everything is top notch. If you need DR creatives which are printing, work with AdTok

Marin - Head of Performance

Inspire Brands Group

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Some  results we got for clients

Legendary Wall Art

From $3,000 days
To $7,000 days Consistently.

We took over the account on October and scaled the account to the point where we were spending $7k per day and better yet, improved their net profit from a target of $3k per day to $7-10k consistently. Literally printing money.

$294,130 spent
$596,547 earned
Performance Creative
TikTok Ads
$83,589 EARNED
2x roas
Performance Creative
TikTok Ads

From spending $1,000 at a loss to spending $3,000 while consistently outperforming the ROAS goal.

An 8-figure women’s boxers brand. We met the CMO at a conference in Miami and connected there, began working together 2-3 months later and took over their account a month before BFCM, we scaled them from spending $1k per day at a loss to spending $3k per day while consistently outperforming the ROAS goal they had set us based on their BE ROAS and their margin

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Amine Hjiaj
Austin West
Creative Strategist
Ella Selfe
Creative Strategist
Ashley Davidson
Content Coordinator
Manuel Cabrera
Top Tier Media Buyer
Emeka Okenwa
Top Tier Media Buyer
Michelle Boman
Miles Japillo
Video Editor

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